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my name is patty. I live in Indonesia and i like leonardo dicaprio 2 much

Thu, 17th of April

Then and now

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Thu, 17th of April

My hair looks so dope

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Wed, 16th of April


Leonardo DiCaprio dancing like a total dork at Coachella

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Wed, 16th of April
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Wed, 16th of April


you are not fat
you have fat 
you also have fingernails 
you are not fingernail 

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Wed, 16th of April
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Tue, 15th of April
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Tue, 15th of April

Im in love with Jaime Lannister, I think. And yes though he shouldn’t have done it, he shoved a little boy out of a window and paralyzed him for life, but only at Cersei’s wish. And that’s just it. His main flaw seems to be being madly in love with his sister and being unwilling or unable to stand up against her. I feel sorry for him, I think with a reasonable family he could have been a noble person and I hope he gets a chance to redeem his reputation publicly.

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Tue, 15th of April

"The Margaery Tyrell who walks into the Sept a fortnight from now will inspire a thousand songs.” (The Lion and The Rose, 4x02)

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Tue, 15th of April
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